How to make adjustable fasteners for masks.

Our heads and faces are all different shapes and sizes. Adjustable fasteners help improve the fit and comfort of masks.  This is how I make my ear loops and ties adjustable.  If you are a mask maker, I hope you are able to apply these techniques into your own creations.

Adjustable Sewn-In Elastics

The Basic Fitted Masks have sewn-in elastics that come out of the very edge of the mask.  What I do to make these elastics adjustable is I would make a couple of wide satin stitches over the elastics, being careful not to catch the elastics in the stitches. The first stitch is about a centimetre from the edge, which tacks the elastic to the inside of the mask, and the second stitch encases the elastic near the edge of the mask. The needle does not go through the elastic, especially with the second stitch, otherwise this would not work. This technique would create a loop that can be pulled to adjust the length.  Hopefully the picture provides better understanding.

You may need to play around with your stitches depending on your stitch length and elastic size.  Instead of a satin stitch, you may find success with a straight stitch, basting stitch, or handstitch running back and forth over the elastic.  The stitch should be snug against the elastic without going through it.

Adjustable Jersey Fasteners

For jersey ties and ear loops that are threaded through the casing, I use each tail to tie a knot at the opposite tail, and do the same for the opposite tail. Sliding the knot closer together and farther away from each other lengthens and shortens the fasteners. Again, I'm sorry about my poor explanation, but hopefully you can understand after seeing the pictures!

I hope that helps!  Stay safe and happy masking!

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