We now have masks with removable windows!

I am so excited to announce that I am now sewing and selling Windowed Masks!

These masks increase accessibility as they allow the people around you the ability to read your lips and expression, and to see your smile! They are made of two layers of cotton and have a built-in flexible wire that you can pinch against the bridge of your nose for a snug fit. The best part is the plastic window, which is completely removable, allowing you to throw the fabric portion of the mask into the wash.

This mask is listed at $25 CAD ($19 USD) per mask, which includes free shipping within Canada and the United States. The relatively high price reflects the time and resources required to make this mask. However, in order to increase accessibility, I am happy to include this mask as a part of the Pay What You Can Program.  Additionally, if you are an employer who is interested in purchasing these masks at a bulk rate for your employees, please contact me to discuss a plan.

There will be more colours and prints coming soon!

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