Anti-Fogging Windows: Coming Soon!

Ellen wearing navy anti-fog Windowed Mask

This mask has been worn for two hours and counting! No fog!

I am so excited to announce that my Windowed Masks will be switching to anti-fogging windows by the end of September!

My shipment of anti-fogging plastic is expected to arrive in the last week of September.  Any orders made today and onward may be slightly delayed to be upgraded to include anti-fogging windows. 

For current owners of Windowed Masks, you may pre-order/purchase anti-fogging windows here.  My Windowed Masks were designed deliberately to allow windows to be easily swapped out, so there is no need to buy new masks...  Unless you want to!

This upgrade is a long time coming.  I can't tell you how happy I am to finally offer this upgrade.  As an almost daily Windowed Mask wearer myself, I understand the struggles and embarrassment of the fog, and how annoying it is to be constantly applying toothpaste and dishsoap in attempts to prevent it.  I can't wait for these new windows to provide brighter, clearer smiles and communication!

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